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Top 10 Digital Banking Solution Companies in Middle East - 2020

The current wave of digital transformation is being driven by technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, blockchain, the internet of things, and APIs that can potentially change the banking landscape. Combining these technologies will deliver more profound levels of personalization, enhance customer experience, and transform banking operations, revolutionizing the way banking operates presently.

The growth of digital banking technology has not only changed the way customers interact with their financial institutions but has also altered traditional business processes and business workflows. With the pandemic hitting hard and closing branches practically overnight, customers had to switch to online banking and use digital transactions for the most part. Although banks were in the phase of reimagining their customer experience, the COVID-19 situation accelerated their adoption of digital technology to meet customer needs and expectations.

Banks are now turning their attention toward building better customer-facing digital experience and investing in automation technologies and chatbots to improve virtual communication with their customers. To build deeper relationships with customers, banks are leveraging the power of data to customize their offerings and are delivering them over a customer’s preferred channels for better engagement and response. It is well-known that for long-term customer engagement and stronger ROI, companies need to implement digital banking solutions and engagement practices. On that note, this edition of Banking CIO Outlook features some of the leading-edge banking solution providers in the Middle East that are revolutionizing the landscape with their offerings.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s, “Top 10 Digital Banking Solution Providers in Middle East - 2020.”

    Top Digital Banking Solution Companies in Middle East

  • Established in 1986, 01 Systems is one of the first Software providers in the Middle East, bringing over 30 years of experience in delivering products and services using leading-edge technologies, robust security, and proven competency to effectively mitigate business and operational risks. The company offers a BPM platform is a code-less platform for creating robust, digitalized and scalable enterprise applications. Whether the need to design a new interface or automate complex business process, 01 System’s BPM platform allows users to do it in the shortest time and the least effort

  • First Financial Solutions (FFS) is a leading software development and consulting firm focused on making the financial solutions more efficient and effective for commercial, investment and central banks. FFS aims to the First Choice financial software solutions provider to financial institutions wherever they are

  • Aion Digital

    Aion Digital

    Aion’s mission is to enable traditional banks to go digital with certainty. The company is on track to delight 10 million customers for its client banks in MEA. Aion offers two solutions. One, it provides a digital banking platform that is designed to offer banking services on the go. Two, the company helps clients leverage and monetise the data they have generated via the platform, and build personalised, active customer engagement as a result

  • Areeba


    Areeba is a financial technology company driven forward by the innovative approach of changing the way payments are made. The company creates smarter, faster, and seamless means of payment for banks, financial institutions, merchants, governments and individuals for them to take their businesses further

  • CNS


    CNS Middle East has over 30 years of successful achievements and long-term partnerships with distinct customers across the region. Being a pillar in the technology industry and innovation, CNS provides integrated solutions for all customer vertical needs and digital transformations



    FANAP TECH, a subsidiary of FANAP ICT holding, provides different customers with a wide range of payment & banking solutions. Thanks to its young, talented, and highly motivated team, the company is known as a leading company in Iran's payment & banking industry

  • GBM Qatar

    GBM Qatar

    GBM Qatar is a 100% Qatari owned company with 30 years of experience. Originally formed with a team of 6 – today the company has grown to more than 200 highly skilled professionals, from 22 countries. GBM Qatar have nurtured partnerships with the world’s leading technology innovators and industry solution leaders across the globe, to provide its customers with world-class digital solutions, tailored to their unique needs

  • Intertech


    Intertech was named one of the Top 30 firms in Tech by Fortune Magazine and one of the Top 10 Consulting Firms in America by Consulting Magazine. The company builds enterprise software for customers. It’s been trusted by some of the top organizations in the world as they pivoted to new technologies that include NASA, 3M, Intel, Microsoft, British Petroleum, and the United States Air Force, Army, and Navy

  • Nodes


    Nodes is one of Europe’s leading digital product development agencies that believes great solutions are made out of stunning design and cutting-edge technology. The company never compromise on the reliable and time-proven development methodologies that ensure successful, robust and scalable solutions



    OCTOPUS command and control software and apps allows information/cyber, safety, logistics security officers manage manpower, procedures and technology in day-to-day routine and in emergencies. OCTOPUS interfaces with all organization systems and links all end users through a mobile app. This CC software was in development for three years, a company that employs the very best specialists in information and physical security. The software includes the majority of software and apps for organizations currently sold or developed separately